Get Help From A Consumer Protection Attorney For Your Lemon Law Claim

Research on "lemons" and lemon laws shows that at least 1 percent of all vehicles made have defects that qualify them as lemons. Additionally, the research confirms that by working with a qualified lawyer, you are more likely to get your money back or a replacement vehicle.

What Can I Recover?

This varies case by case, but you may be entitled to a repurchase or replacement or cash compensation. Furthermore, Aldridge & Aldridge Law Firm in Louisville does not charge you. If you are awarded money, the manufacturer is also responsible for paying your legal bill. In the highly unlikely event that we cannot win your case, you will not be responsible for any attorneys' fees to us.

How Long Does Recovery Take?

Every case is different and the recovery time depends on your situation and the manufacturer. Some cases are actually quite quick while some, due to manufacturer resistance, can be more drawn out. No matter how long the process, we will stand by you and fight for your case and resolution until we see results.

What Is The Lemon Law?

Each state has its own lemon law stipulations. There is both a Kentucky lemon law and a federal law called the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. Most people who have a valid case actually fall under the jurisdiction of the federal law. This can be complex, but a qualified attorney will know your case, which law applies and the best approach for the best results.

Making The Manufacturer Sit Up And Pay Attention

In over 10 years of lemon law practice, we have found that when individuals try to engage manufacturers regarding their vehicles, they do not get far. Typically, the manufacturer tells the consumer that under the warranty the consumer must keep fixing the vehicle. This can do on for weeks or months. This tactic is used to "make the problem go away." In the manufacturer's view, you are the problem, not the vehicle.

Attempting to deal with the manufacturer after your first attempt has failed is a waste of your time and money. Of course, living with an unreliable "lemon" can cause undue worry and stress on you and your family. We have found that manufacturers tend to sit up and pay attention when a legal professional gets involved and our lemon law lawyer, Cassie Clagett, understands this.

Do Not Waste Any More Time

There are limitations on time and mileage in lemon law cases. Call 270-872-0912 or fill out our online contact form and speak with our lemon law lawyer today in a free initial consultation. Serving all of Kentucky with offices in Elizabethtown and Louisville.